We care about our customers

Responsible gambling

Compared to other types of gambling, number lotteries pose a very low risk of problematic gambling behaviour. To ensure that not only our jackpot winners are happy, we apply a stringent player and youth protection policy. With our social concept in accordance with section 6 of the German State Treaty on Games of Chance (‘Glücksspielstaatsvertrag’ – GlüStV), we educate our players, implement preventive measures, strengthen the protection of minors and provide training for our employees. We prevent uncontrolled spending by our customers by setting a monthly pay-in limit of €1,000 and enabling them to set their own limits for stakes, pay-ins and losses. Our customers are informed daily on initial log-in about their stakes, winnings and losses of the past 30 days. Before each game, we inform all participants about the risks of gambling, about prevention and assistance possibilities, about the terms and conditions for participation and about all aspects of the game. In the case of conspicuous gambling, players can block themselves or be blocked by third parties.

A multi-stage age verification procedure ensures that minors do not have access to our product range. Our own Gambling Prevention and Youth Protection Officer coordinates between game providers, the support system for problem gamblers and the corresponding monitoring by the scientific community.

Customer satisfaction

The loyalty of our existing customers is vital for our long-term business success. We measure their satisfaction several times a year to discover what our customers expect from us and what we can do to improve.

KPI 2021 2020 2019
Customer satisfaction1
– LOTTO24 89% 81% 84%
– Tipp24 88% 82% 83%

1 Source: customer satisfaction survey in November-December 2021, November 2020 as well as December 2019.

Win for our customers    

Digital technologies and innovations

In order to protect our customers and provide them with the best possible offer, we use numerous innovative digital technologies. Thanks to our state-of-the-art data acquisition system, we are able to measure the success of all our campaigns in real time and assess both the effectiveness of our measures and the behaviour of our customers.

One example of such an innovative application is Mindway AI’s ‘GameScanner’, which will replace our existing monitoring systems and provide even better control capabilities, thus enabling us to identify problematic gaming behaviour even faster.

As a customer-centric technology company, we attach great importance to the further development of our high-performance platform and our offerings. A large number of our employees are involved in product development, scaling, performance optimisation, self-scaling cloud-based infrastructures, big data processing, IT security and compliance.

Data protection and data security

Customer trust and the security of their data is an absolute priority for us, which is why responsibility for this topic at Management Board level has been assigned to our CTO Paul Dingwitz.

We ensure data protection and data security by undertaking numerous measures, from the collection and handling of data to the training of our employees. These are coordinated by an Information Security Management System (ISMS), which is certified annually according to ISO 27001. So far, we have not detected any serious breaches.