We care about society

A sustainable business model

Social responsibility is a central component of our business model. We want to make the world a better place. Through sustainable growth, donations to social projects and our charity lotteries, we create added value for the common good.

In 2021, the German Association of State Lottery Companies alone transferred over €3.2 billion, or €8.8 million per day, to good causes – money which is absolutely vital for the funding of numerous projects in the field of welfare, sport, culture, landmark and environmental protection.

In its fiscal year 2021, ZEAL paid €31.4 million in taxes and social security contributions. In the previous year, our brokerage activities generated funds of €246 million for important social and societal projects. Our charity lotteries make an additional contribution.

As sustainability, social commitment and good corporate governance are far from secondary issues for us, direct responsibility for these areas has been assigned to Marc Peters on the Supervisory Board and CFO Jonas Mattsson on the Management Board.

Responsible marketing

We are aware of our responsibility with regard to advertising games of chance. As a provider of online lotteries, we attach particular importance to the protection of minors and the prevention of gambling addiction.

Our action plan includes placement and content guidelines:

  • No advertising in the vicinity of content primarily aimed at minors.
  • Information on the dangers of addiction and support programmes.
  • Agreements on restrictive advertising guidelines with business partners and suppliers.

There are also specific time restrictions for the offer of online scratch cards. The State Treaty on Games of Chance stipulates time restrictions for the advertising of slot machine, poker and table games between 6 am and 9 pm. This applies to broadcasting and the Internet.

Win for society