We act in accordance with ethical principles

ZEAL’s compliance management system consists of a large number of in-house measures and processes. It serves our objective of acting in accordance with ethical principles and abiding by all applicable laws, internal regulations and voluntary commitments. In addition to the general compliance fields, we pay particular attention to complying with the special compliance fields of gambling regulation, data privacy, IT security, competition, corruption, occupational health and safety, working conditions, and general non-discrimination.

These special requirements are binding constituents of our Code of Conduct. All executives are required to live an exemplary risk culture through their own attitudes and actions which sets a tone from the top and encourages all employees to comply with the applicable regulations and strictly avoid any violations. Executives whose areas of responsibility have contact with compliance fields meet regularly in workshops to analyse and assess possible risks and determine appropriate measures. The Compliance Officer is responsible for the compliance management system and the coordination of the compliance workshops and reports directly to the Management Board.

We constantly review the effectiveness of our compliance management system and adapt it to developments, changed risks and new legal requirements. This ensures that its effectiveness and efficiency is continuously improved. We systematically and regularly minimise compliance risks across all business areas. The results of this analysis serve as the basis for our risk management.