We act in accordance with ethical principles

ZEAL’s Compliance Management System consists of a number of measures and processes based on the established auditing standard IDW PS 980. It supports our objective to act in accordance with ethical principles and to abide by all applicable laws, internal regulations and voluntary commitments. In addition to the general Compliance fields, we pay particular attention to complying with the special compliance fields of gambling regulation, data privacy, IT security, competition, corruption and fraud, occupational health and safety, working conditions, and general non-discrimination.

Our actions are based on ethical principles and we have proudly put that into writing in our ZEAL Code. Not only does the Management commit to exemplary behavior in their business activities, but all ZEAL employees stand behind the Code and act in its spirit.

Download ZEAL-Code

ZEAL has several policies based on the ZEAL Code that serve as guidelines for the entire ZEAL Team in order to help making the right decision in difficult situations. One example are our rules when it comes to giving and accepting invitations and gifts from business partners. Another example is a two-head approval process in financial questions.

Our measures are risk-based and the result of a thorough, regularly repeated risk analysis. We also constantly monitor changes in legal requirements. This ensures that its effectiveness and efficiency of our CMS is continuously improved. Regular information sessions and trainings make sure that the entire ZEAL Team is always up-to-date and everybody is invited to report (potential) unenthical behavior in their business relationship with ZEAL to our Compliance Team.