Corporate integrity is very important to us. As a listed company and provider of gaming products, ZEAL takes its responsibilities very seriously. This means we go beyond the legal and regulatory requirements and strive to create value for the common good.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business model, as 40% of every ticket sold benefits society through taxes and duties. Last year, our brokerage services helped generate €286 million for good causes.

We have launched our own charity lotteries that generate income for dedicated charitable causes. The charity lotteries in our product range already accounted for 5% of our gaming stakes in the fiscal year 2022. We also run our business responsibly. Most of the products we offer for our customers have no or only a low risk potential with regard to gambling addiction. This has been confirmed in numerous studies. Nevertheless, player protection and security have become even more important for us since the new State Treaty on Games of Chance was enacted in Germany. We welcome the new stricter requirements and want to live up to our pioneering role in the field of responsible gaming by fully implementing them with the aid of innovative technologies.

In the first half of 2022, we will replace our existing monitoring systems with Mindway AI’s ‘GameScanner’¹. This will give us even more possibilities to identify problem gaming behaviour at an early stage.

This Sustainability Report fully documents our economic and socio-environmental performance for the first time. Its aim is to present our key issues, goals and achievements to all stakeholders. With a comprehensive materiality analysis and a stakeholder survey involving 374 participants, our aim is to set standards for sustainability reporting in our industry. We regard the results of this detailed assessment as an incentive and a foundation for our sustainability strategy going forward.

We take a holistic view of sustainable management and have made progress in a number of fields over the past few years: for example, we use 100% renewable energy for our offices and data centre. We offer our employees a wide range of training and development opportunities. We help our employees improve their work-life balance by offering a variety of options, such as flexible working models. These services were rewarded by our employees with an eNPS of 42 (possible range from -100 to +100) – a score we are very proud of.

Our commitment to sustainability is underpinned by a number of compliance documents, including our Code of Conduct (download section).

We regard our success so far as the springboard for even more ambitious plans and will formulate new goals based on the resulting insights and put these into practice. In the coming years, we also want to expand our reporting. Our aim is to capture even more data points and to develop and document new guidelines for our business and for even greater sustainability.

We look forward to presenting our progress, measures and planned activities in this sustainability report, which is part of our integrated Annual Report 2022.