This makes us valuable

At ZEAL, we work hard to ensure that our values are the foundation of our actions. We promote a culture of innovation and encourage our employees to challenge the status quo. Because we believe in open and honest communication. We value diversity and enjoy working in a team – but we also allow individuality to flourish.

Act like an owner

We are empowered to act like real owners. This means that we make informed decisions by understanding customer needs, opportunities and risks across ZEAL. We do the things that need to be done and hold ourselves accountable for the outcome. We stay focused and keep things simple.

Play as a team

The foundation of our team success is trust and respect – we assume good intentions in our colleague’s words and actions. We are transparent, open and speak our minds even in tough situations. We believe that being humble and showing vulnerability makes us stronger. All this requires exceptional and diverse people who working crossfunctionally.

Be a game changer

If you want to change the game, you have to be brave and challenge the status quo. We embrace failures and mistakes along the way. We love crazy new ideas while enjoying the adventure of becoming a best in class e-commerce company, improving ourselves every day and owning the future of the lottery.