We care about corporate governance

We aim to make a social and sustainable contribution to all sections of society, treating everyone with fairness, honesty and transparency. Our promise covers the following areas in particular:

  • Product transparency.
  • Fair competition.
  • Code of Conduct.
  • Combating corruption and money laundering.

Code of Conduct

We actively promote a transparent, open and diverse corporate culture. We have set out our requirements regarding integrity and ethics in a binding Code of Conduct for our employees. In addition to the general compliance fields, we attach particular importance to observing the special compliance fields of gambling regulation, data protection, IT security, capital market issues, competition, corruption, occupational health and safety, working conditions and general non-discrimination.

Combating corruption and money laundering

ZEAL has established a Payment, Fraud and Verification department, currently comprising 5 full-time employees, with the aim of preventing or reducing payment fraud.

In order to identify risks at an early stage, it is important that fraud, misconduct or wrongdoing by workers or officers of the Company is reported and properly dealt with. In order to lower the barriers for reporting such wrongdoing, ZEAL has set up a publicly accessible whistleblowing system at zeal.whistleblowernetwork.net. The system is available in all languages relevant to ZEAL employees, who are regularly informed about the possibility to use it. All information is processed by the Compliance Department with the assistance of external compliance specialists and any necessary steps are subsequently taken. We did not receive any reports via our whistleblower system in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Compliance management system

Integrity and ethical behaviour are a cornerstone for the conduct of all ZEAL employees. In order to reinforce and ensure this, we have introduced a compliance management system. This consists of a large number of internal processes and measures.

By setting the ‘tone from the top’, all managers are called upon to exemplify, through their own actions and attitudes, a risk culture that encourages staff to comply with the applicable regulations and to avoid violations. Those managers with responsibility for the most sensitive compliance areas regularly hold workshops to analyse and assess potential compliance risks and to define appropriate preventive measures and remedies.

We regularly review the effectiveness of our compliance management system and adapt it to current developments, new legal requirements and changing risks. We systematically and regularly analyse compliance risks across all divisions and use the results of this analysis as the basis of our global risk management system.