We care about corporate governance

Any sustainable business strategy needs to be based on solid ethical principles. In addition to our organizational control processes, monitoring mechanisms and an efficient cooperation between the Management and the Supervisory Board (Corporate Governance Statement), we pay special attention to our company’s culture. At ZEAL we strive to foster an environment that is based on diversity, trust and transparency and we are proud to have strong speak-up culture. Everyone at ZEAL is expected to act like an owner and raise concerns or report anything that might be going wrong.

We can only change the future of lottery and gaming if we act as a team and leverage our employees’ full potential and if we are perceived as reliable and responsible business partner. Commitment to the highest ethical standards is key for that and we have proudly set our values and expectations into writing in our ZEAL Code (Compliance Management). The Code makes clear that ZEAL attaches also particular importance to observing the special compliance fields of gambling regulation, data protection, IT security, capital market matters, competition law, anti-corruption, working conditions and non-discrimination.

The ZEAL Code is a core element of ZEAL’s state-of-the-art Compliance Management System, which has been set up and is constantly being improved to ensure that the company’s high expectations on ethical behavior are met and that potential risks are timely detected. Trainings and info sessions on our Compliance policies are essential part of our internal communication activities. The Management has made it a top priority to create an effective and balanced combination of cultural characteristics and guidelines to ensure compliance with ZEAL’s ethical principles and thus the company’s sustainable business success for the full satisfaction of our customers.