We support a transparent, open and diverse organisational culture

In order to identify potential risks at an early stage, it is important that any fraud, misconduct or wrongdoing in the context of a ZEAL business activity gets reported and is properly dealt with. A transparent, open and diverse organisational culture is vital in ensuring that individuals are willing to openly address misconduct or risks. ZEAL strives to encourage a speak-up culture where people feel they can ‘Think Brave’ and raise concerns. The organisation encourages all individuals to raise any concern that they might have about the business conduct of others or the way in which the business is run. To that end ZEAL has set up a whistleblowing system which employees or external whistleblowers can use to report (potential) violations of our ethical principles. This includes not only applicable national and international laws and regulations but in particular also the ZEAL Code. The report can also be made anonymously.

The whistleblowing system can be accessed here.