Ad-hoc notifications

02/11/2022 ZEAL Network SE: Public share repurchase offer for up to approximately 3.2% of the share capital
12/08/2022 ZEAL Network SE: Subsidiary myLotto24 obtains final annulment of VAT assessment
01/03/2022 ZEAL Network SE: Management Board proposes payment of a special dividend; EBITDA expected to exceed forecast
03/11/2021 Following a continued weak jackpot development in the third quarter, ZEAL reduces its 2021 guidance for billings and revenue but increases its EBITDA guidance due to cost savings
26/01/2021 ZEAL Network SE: Adjusted EBITDA 2020 of ZEAL Network SE above the already increased guidance according to preliminary calculations
15/10/2020 ZEAL continues to grow faster than expected in the third quarter of 2020 and raises its full-year guidance again
20/07/2020 ZEAL Network SE: ZEAL raises guidance after strong first half of 2020
19/12/2019 ZEAL Network SE: ZEAL subsidiary myLotto24 agrees with tax authority to limit risk until completion of VAT proceedings
18/12/2019 ZEAL Network SE: ZEAL raises EBITDA guidance for 2019
20/11/2019 ZEAL Network SE: ZEAL subsidiary myLotto24 successfully appeals VAT assessment
12/08/2019 ZEAL Network SE: Prize pay-out / guidance provided for 2019
30/01/2019 ZEAL Network SE: Upward Adjustment of EBIT Guidance (Profit Estimate)
11/01/2019 ZEAL receives indicative offer from Lottoland for the purchase of its core German business assets
19/11/2018 ZEAL Network SE: Adjustment of EBIT Guidance
19/11/2018 Public takeover offer by ZEAL Network SE for Lotto24 AG
09/03/2017 ZEAL Network SE: Adjustment of guidance due to prize pay-out
26/01/2017 ZEAL announces investment in growth strategy, 2017 guidance, developments in VAT matter and adjusted dividend policy
17/05/2016 ZEAL Network SE: Adjustment of forecast due to winnings payout
15/03/2016 ZEAL Network SE announces its preliminary unaudited results for year ended 2015: Guidance outperformed, preliminary Guidance issued for 2016 and dividend policy reiterated
03/03/2016 ZEAL Network SE: Successful reclaim of Spanish lottery tax withheld, impairment charge required for Geonomics investment
02/09/2015 ZEAL Network SE: Adjustment of guidance due to large jackpot pay-out
14/07/2015 ZEAL Network SE: Dr Helmut Becker to take CEO role already as of 1 September 2015
26/05/2015 ZEAL Network SE: Dr Hans Cornehl will step down at the end of the year as CEO of ZEAL Network SE - the Supervisory Board has appointed CMO Dr. Helmut Becker as successor
26/03/2015 ZEAL Network SE: Revised dividend policy to pay annual dividends of EUR 2.80 per share; first interim dividend of EUR 0.70 to be paid on 31 March 2015
10/10/2014 Tipp24 SE: Changes to UK Gaming Duty Regime Expected to Significantly Reduce Expenses
02/09/2014 Tipp24 SE: Return to previous EBIT and revenue forecast
31/08/2014 Tipp24 SE: Adjustment of forecast due to winnings payout
06/08/2014 Tipp24 SE: Adjustment of earnings forecast for the fiscal year 2014
17/04/2014 Tipp24 SE: Special interim dividend dates
27/02/2014 Preliminary figures show Tipp24 exceeded own forecasts for fiscal year 2013 - Announcement of special dividend and new dividend policy
09/12/2013 Tipp24 SE: Winnings payout of EUR 15.7 million - forecast adjusted
19/04/2013 Tipp24 SE initiates implementation of its relocation to the UK
16/04/2013 Tipp24 SE successfully places cash capital increase
16/04/2013 Tipp24 SE resolves on cash capital increase
20/03/2013 Tipp24 SE plans relocation of registered office to UK
20/03/2013 Tipp24 SE: Revenue and EBIT 2012 largely on target, EBIT guidance for 2013 downgraded
21/12/2012 Tipp24 SE: investment in geo-based online lottery GeoSweep
10/05/2012 Tipp24 Executive Board member Petra von Strombeck and Managing Director for Germany Magnus von Zitzewitz to head Lotto24 AG
20/04/2012 Tipp24 plans spinning off German business into independent listed company Lotto24 AG
31/01/2012 Preliminary figures show Tipp24 exceeded own forecasts for fiscal year 2011 and once again posted record earnings
09/09/2011 Tipp24 participation expands jackpot insurance cover
24/06/2011 Tipp24 SE: Adjustment of 2011 EBIT forecast
06/04/2011 Tipp24 SE: Expansion of Executive Board
18/02/2011 Tipp24 SE: Change in Supervisory Board of Tipp24 SE
20/01/2011 Tipp24 SE: Preliminary figures show Tipp24 exceeded own forecasts for fiscal year 2010 and posted record earnings
24/09/2010 Tipp24 participation obtained a new jackpot insurance
05/08/2010 Tipp24: High winnings payments burden earnings
17/05/2010 Tipp24 SE: Statistically unusually high winnings payout
31/03/2010 Tipp24: Successful realignment of business fields completed in 2009
26/01/2010 Tipp24 expects legal dispute with jackpot insurer - annual forecast adjusted
02/11/2009 Tipp24: Stable through the crisis
24/09/2009 Tipp24 AG: Adjustment of Profit Estimate due to Significant Prize Payout
03/08/2009 Tipp24 AG: Half-year figures 2009 and change in Executive Board
28/05/2009 Tipp24 AG: Sales and earnings in Germany collapse - Growth abroad
30/04/2009 Tipp24 AG: Restructuring continues and further share buyback
27/03/2009 Tipp24 AG - Staff reduction and changes in the Executive Board
05/03/2009 Tipp24 AG: State Gaming Treaty slows long-standing growth rate
16/01/2009 Tipp24 decides further share buyback
30/12/2008 Tipp24 AG restructures business
16/12/2008 Change in the Supervisory Board of Tipp24 AG
03/11/2008 Moderate growth for Tipp24
22/10/2008 Constitutional Complaint of Tipp24 against lottery laws of Berlin and Lower Saxony not accepted by Federal Constitutional Court
24/09/2008 Tipp24 AG: Tipp24’s online lottery brokerage still allowed in Berlin
04/08/2008 Tipp24 AG: Subdued growth in sales and earnings