We have established a modern and comprehensive risk management system

ZEAL Network SE is exposed to the typical sector and market risks associated with the online lottery sector. We define risks as being those events or developments which may have a negative impact on the Group or the attainment of our corporate objectives. In order to counter such risks, we have established a modern and comprehensive risk management system. 

We monitor operating risks by means of regular risk management workshops for the Management Board and other executives and by constantly reviewing the relevant financial and non-financial performance indicators – whereby the monitoring frequency, designated controlling responsibility, rules of procedure and emergency procedures for defined deviations from target values are stipulated for each key performance indicator. Furthermore, we regularly monitor the adjustments and updates made to the security systems and processes of our service providers. 

We regularly evaluate the regulatory conditions, also with the aid of legal advisors, and can thus react swiftly and appropriately. 

We are convinced that our early warning and risk management system is well suited to quickly recognise and deal with dangers for ZEAL resulting from possible risks. The risk early recognition system has been formally documented and is regularly monitored and adapted.