We enable people TO DREAM

At ZEAL, we serve millions of customers by giving them the best lottery experience possible and enable people to dream big. And with every lottery ticket sold, we are helping society by supporting good causes via our charity lotteries or our customers playing the state lotteries. In 2021 for instance, we raised €246m with our business for good causes.

Working at ZEAL is giving me the unique opportunity to build one of the best e-commerce companies in Germany, while helping to innovate in a global € 300b industry that affects the life and dreams of millions of people. Sönke, COO

Defining the future OF LOTTORIES

As a technology company, we aim to define the future of lotteries by leveraging our e-commerce excellence, lottery expertise and knowledge of our customers’ wishes and behaviours.

How we do that?

By applying state-of-the-art e-commerce knowledge. Our Product development teams work in cross-functional agile teams, consisting of developers, UX Designer, Data Scientists and a Product Manager. Our developers are working with a modern tech stack and our team members are applying their state-of-the-art knowledge, which is created through our development opportunities, our culture of empowerment and innovation as well as our thirst for staying ahead of the game. All of these bits and pieces of our daily work aim to ensure that we achieve our goal:

We let people dream. We make a contribution to society.


A few facts about ZEAL

  • We were one of the internet pioneers bringing lotto in Germany online and our business ranges back into 1999
  • We are the market leader in the German online lottery segment with a market share of 39%
  • We are a publicly listed company in the German SDAX
  • We also run a successful B2B Business
  • We are spread across 3 locations, have more than 23 nationalities in the company and our company language is English


Back then ZEAL was founded in Germany in 1999 and initially set up as a lottery broker with its brand Tipp24. In 2005, it was floated on the Frankfurt stock exchange and became one of the most successful initial public offerings (IPOs) in Germany at the time.

In 2009, the Group changed its focus from online lottery brokerage to online lottery betting (“secondary lottery”). 2012 ZEAL spun off LOTTO24. Two years later, it moved its registered office to London.

In May 2019, ZEAL completed the acquisition of LOTTO24 AG. It transitioned its former Tipp24 secondary lottery business to a German online lottery brokerage business in October 2019, and has since become the leading German online broker for state lottery products once again. In the same month, it relocated its registered office back to Germany.


Today ZEAL is listed in the SDAX and runs a successful B2C Business (lotto24.de & tipp24.de) with millions of customers as well as a growing B2B business. This includes our partnerships with 1&1 (gmx.net & web.de) and n-tv, where we integrate our Lotto service as a white-label solution. Additionally with ZEAL Instant Games, we offer Instant Games to partners, e.g. in a successful partnership with Lotto Hessen.

Besides brokering the state lottery products like LOTTO 6aus49 or Eurojackpot, today ZEAL also offers its own lottery products, so called Charity Lotteries (“Soziallotterien”) like freiheit+ and Deutsche Traumhauslotterie. Charity lotteries play a vital part for NGOs and the society itself. We believe together with our charity partners we can generate significant social contribution and at the end make a difference for many people in Germany.

At ZEAL we also run multiple international businesses, which are focused on the reinvention of the digital lottery experience, operating primary lotteries with national permissions and helping charities such as “ONCE”, foundations and communities to unlock new sources of funding through bespoke lottery platforms. “ZEAL Ventures” pursues our lottery-related start-up investment portfolio. Our objective is to learn from these companies, generate profits and/or integrate exciting business ideas into the ZEAL Group.