We support a great charity organization by delivering growth

We are a small, talented, and very committed team providing strategic and digital services to ONCE, the Spanish National Charity for the Blind and Disabled, one of the biggest charities in the world and one of the biggest brands in Spain.

About ONCE

ONCE has built up a system of social benefits that has no equivalent elsewhere in the world. Lottery game products are ONCE´s economic driving force, and here is where we come in, providing digital services to ONCE’s (via product marketing, customer acquisition and retention), and supporting with the technical implementation of various strategic projects.

We are proud of the work we do, our great team, the impact that we all have in the business and how we support ONCE’s great social cause. Eva, Director ONCE


We are a very committed, extremely friendly, and supportive team doing both acquisition and retention. We love working with each other and we love to see the great impact of what we do every day.

As an acquisition team our goal is to bring more and more like-minded customers to JuegosONCE. We are performance and data-driven and our main paid acquisition channels are Social and SEM. ¡We love to test and to try new ideas!

In retention we work through the whole lifetime cycle of the customers; our aim is to have happy and loyal customers that keep playing with us. We define and create great promotions. We communicate with our customers through email marketing, push notifications, SMS, web teasers, etc.

In the marketing team, we have our own marketing designer that help us with all the creativities and campaigns and inspire us every day.

We have a small Data Team that supports the whole business and all areas. The data team is here to support us, to provide us relevant insights and to help us take better decisions.

Our goal is to deliver the best digital e-commerce experience to our customers while meeting the business requirements and needs.

In JuegosONCE we don’t believe in silos, and Product Managers are key to understand and support all the different area’s needs.

Product Managers are both working in the Discovery phase (from identifying market opportunities / customer needs, to define a product /service, test it and decide if it goes live), the Delivery phase (working together with ONCE’ IT team), and the post-delivery phase, monitoring, measuring, and adapting when needed.

We know our customers and the lottery business, but ¡we love data!

We also support ONCE managing their social networks. We have a small team dedicated to Social Media, ensuring that ONCE’s social networks are top of the class, thinking about brand awareness and how to ensure that the different campaigns and messages go through, while having more followers and more engagement. And in doing so, we have fun and we ensure that all the JuegosONCE team is on in the latest trend!

How we work

We are a small team that enjoys working together; we feel like a startup, but with a proven business, a great brand behind (ONCE) and all the financial support of the ZEAL group.

We like agile and try to avoid unnecessary work..

  • Every team has daily meetings where they align themselves and identify possible obstacles.
  • Once a week we have a team meeting with all the areas where we “see” each other, share progress and ensure that we are on the same boat.
  • We have also regular meetings with ONCE at different levels.

We work remotely but we meet physically once a month to see each other, discuss some topics face to face and have a nice team activity or lunch together.