Things are getting serious: LET'S TALK FINANCE

We support profitability improvements and growth opportunities by providing decision-makers with relevant and timely information. In doing so, we comply with relevant stock market legislation and taxaccounting and audit regulations.


In order to be able to present ZEAL externally, we create the annual reports and quarterly reports as well as company presentations based on the current figures and invite to telephone conferences. In addition, we visit existing and potential investors during the year in so-called roadshows in their home countries to report on our current business development. As a sparring partner of the Management Board, transparency, timeliness, continuity and reliability are essential components of our IR and PR philosophy.

Since we in the ZEAL Group combine two companies under one roof – ZEAL Network SE and LOTTO24 AG – there is always a lot to do for our Investor Relations Manager. So if you are looking for exciting tasks in a small, efficient team within the dynamic environment of two major and very profitable companies, you are absolutely right with us.

As Controlling team we are the Finance Business Partner supporting business teams & management by creating transparency and fostering ownership through monthly reporting & budgeting/forecast. Our various tasks include:

  1. Business analysis: we deliver meaningful management reporting to assist the business & ensure accountability.
  2. Governance & control: ensure check and balances and compliance with corporate governance.
  3. Special projects: support performance & process improvement projects.
  4. Strategic financial planning: develop and review strategic options, supported by financial outlook/business case.

We are a 5-person team located in Hamburg and Madrid with regular exchange virtually and face-2-face. All Controllers are supporting their business area as a finance business partner, and additionally, everyone within the team has specific group functions/expertise. Proximity to our business is key; we are part of the business teams and support or challenge directly. We work very closely with our Group Finance team and are able to align and assist accordingly. We as ZEAL want to grow our business, and here our Controlling team has the opportunity to be part of new product/project and help supporting start-ups. Cost management excellence is a strategy driver, and we are in the position drive this into the organisation. It doesn’t get boring. We are moving fast and try to adapt to new information in an agile way.

The Group Finance team is spread across three locations. We work seamlessly together through the use of Zoom, Slack and other communication tech tools, as well as regular physical meetings. Most of the team gather in Hamburg within the first few days of each month to complete the monthly close process. We are responsible for three main areas.

  1. Accounting: our Accounting team provides an invaluable service in managing the finances of LOTTO24 and ZEAL. Our responsibilities include recording accounts, paying bills, managing customer balances, tracking assets and expenditures, and keeping track of critical tax documents. We ensure that taxes are monitored and paid on time. We also manage cash balances and ensure that our financial investments are well-managed. This 5-person team is based in Hamburg and led by our Head of Accounting.
  2. External reporting: preparing annual, half-yearly and quarterly IFRS reports for ZEAL and LOTTO24. We also prepare HGB accounts for ZEAL and LOTTO24. Our Group Reporting Manager is based in Hamburg, and works very closely with the Accounting team and many other of ZEAL’s functions. Our External Reporting is also responsible for managing our relationship with our auditors, EY.
  3. Finance systems: We maintain and update the systems we rely on to do our work (e.g. Navision, HFM) ourselves. On top of this, we work on development roadmaps to ensure that our systems are cutting edge.