The right recomendation FOR THE RIGHT ACTION

We consult our stakeholders in order to enable smart decisions. Our motto is „the right recommendation for the right action with the right analytical tool aggregating the right facts“.

The best tests surprise with their results. Every surprise is a great learning. Jan Martens – Director Data Science & Analytics

Full bandwidth of analytics

We deliver consultancy service to various stakeholders in the company and do that with the full bandwidth of analytical and scientific tools – from AB Tests over predictive modelling to advanced AI. We do more than just answering numbers questions – we advice actions to business challenges. As a cross-functional service team, we are embedded and located in our stakeholder teams split into small subteams. Our consultancy is educational and advisory.

Curious to learn? JOIN US!

We are a diverse team of 6 Data Scientists. Data Science is a relatively new and fascinating area of expertise. We are especially successful in finding the right recommendations for the right questions. We use all kinds of SQL, R and Python, but these tools are less important than social and analytical skills, passion, honesty and humbleness. Curious to learn? Want to understand things? Join our team and look beyond the obvious, always the customer being the focus. You may learn different views and techniques on how to deal with data science.