We are focused on delivery while in a constant search for automating ourselves to focus on higher class problems that drive business value. Our vision is a single hybrid cloud platform, able to auto-scale and support multiple business segments simultaneously, while maintaining cost and regulatory objectives.

Take a look behind the scenes.

Autonomy and Empowerment are given, being Right or Effective is a choice. Paul, CTO


Our continued journey to embrace and transition into a micro-service architecture has enabled developers to create new apps and functionalities without many cross-team dependencies – which brings speed and agility to the business. We leverage technologies such as web components to be able to work independently from each other but still follow best practices. At ZEAL, we use state of the art single page application development and development processes. Our journey from a client-specific API approach to a centralized API first approach and our microservice-based API allows every developer to contribute to the services and systems of ZEAL while still maintaining security and best practices. The usage of standards such as OAuth2 and JWT makes it easy and straightforward to create new frontends without nasty efforts to re-invent the wheel. Aside from REST, we also utilize GraphQL to be more flexible and providing and using our data for frontend development. Looking deeper into our toolbox of technology toys, Kafka is being used as our central message broker for all events within our platform. Last but not least, we are using a parquet based data lake as the foundation for our analytics and data warehouse team.

Aside from all of the other great things already mentioned, our Engineering has a lot of empowerment, freedom and autonomy. We have real trust and support from the business to leverage industry-leading technology and tools to propel the company into the future. Our healthy relationship within our teams and strong values across the organization give us a strong sense of connection. We are all allowed to speak up and voice our opinions and try to find common ground.

Our team purpose is based on the notion that we are a service organization. One of our internal mottos is KTLO (Keeping The Lotteries Online). We support innovation and provide the foundation for a successful platform. Since our internal IT, SysOps and DevOps teams are working closely together, we have no limits and boundaries between these teams. Also, we don’t believe in command and control. We want to be equal contributors to the success of the business – by maximizing systems availability, finding solutions, and answering questions. We are currently in the process of consolidating our different platforms and our toolchains – an exciting journey, where we can review the current CI/CD pipelines, remove legacy tools and services to stay state of the art. We have a holistic thinking mindset, so all members are open-minded towards change. With this foundation, we trust each other’s decisions and work together like a well-oiled machine. We enjoy coming to work in the morning – it is not a burden, it’s a pleasure. Our department has the largest amount of Nerf Guns, and we practice each day. We have our own fridge for Gin and Beer, mostly all the time music is turned on in the background, and our team events and regular evening sessions are legendary.

We protect and enable the business, and we ensure that we spend our money efficiently. Giving structure and support is as essential for us as providing useful guidance and aiming for the right balance between compliance & reality. We are a cross-functional team consisting of Project Managers, Security & Compliance Managers, Audit and Procurement Experts. We all bring our strengths to the table and realize the synergies out of the different areas of expertise. With this set of knowledge and capabilities, we support the business in understanding compliance and security regulations and help them to find suitable ways to implement them.

You are keen on creating something new? If you want to experience the satisfaction of implementing a living approach to security and compliance with people who participate, well, then there has never been a better time to join us. Let us on create something living!


  • We prefer cross functional product teams over siloed knowledge
  • We prefer to scale systems not teams
  • We know that perfection is the enemy of the good
  • We prefer automation and continuous delivery over manual build and deploy
  • We prefer open source over commercial/enterprise software
  • We treat reliability, system security and business continuity as a top priority to ensure safety of our customers and our business
  • We prefer building services over monoliths
  • We avoid premature optimization
  • We prefer to innovate and make things better everyday (systems, services code, processes, jobs, productivity, etc.) rather than administrate the status quo

Technologies & tools

At ZEAL you are going to work with the latest technologies. Our flat hierarchies (Director, Team Leads and Team Members, that’s it) give you the possibility to make a difference. Join us and thrive!

  • Java/Kotlin
  • Javascript/Typescript
  • Angular 11+
  • GraphQL
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Hadoop
  • Kafka
  • … and whatever we are exploring next 🙂
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