We take care of OUR PEOPLE

180+ colleagues, more than 24 different nations, three locations – our vision as a People & Culture team is to create an inspiring working environment by empowering our employees. To make this possible, we live a culture of outcome, innovation and trust and believe in open and transparent communication.

The heart OF ZEAL

Recruiting Manager, People Consultants and People Operations Manager – we are a very experienced and engaged team of eight people and our two furry Feelgood Manager Maxi and Henri. Distributed in two cities (Hamburg, Madrid) we take care of our employees in all three locations.  Our open culture is also reflected in the way we work together and interact with each other. We live an agile working atmosphere, start the day together with a coffee call and also have regular status meetings, monthly team lunches and workshops once a quarter. As an integral part of the company we are always open to new ideas and are not afraid of any challenges, as one important corporate value helps us here: Play as a team!

Our modern way of work: WE CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO

Tolerance, diversity and promoting an unbiased working environment for our employees are key factors for us. With our modern and hybrid New Work model, we offer our teams the maximum flexibility to balance their individual work-life-balance. We think outside the box, understand the needs of our colleagues and want to proactively set accents for the common working life. That’s why we are solution-oriented and not process-addicted. It’s about giving employees opportunities for further development, creating scope for creativity and individual solutions. The most important part for us is communication, regular exchange and creating platforms to continue to ensure good cross-functional collaboration and coordination. Particularly in the hybrid work model, it is important for us to bring employees together regularly to exchange ideas on a professional and social level. To achieve this, we stay close to our colleagues and the business needs with the help of new tools and innovative approaches.


We are a small and focused team of 3 that is built on integrity and commitment to supporting the business in any way we can. As a member of the OFM team, you support the outcomes of our company. Your work includes supporting the work of others and helping to provide a conducive atmosphere for your colleagues to be productive and work effectively. When you join our team, you have an excellent opportunity to see the whole company in action. You are part of a small engine of a team that helps keep the entire business running.