Four teams BUT ONE GOAL!

We build the future of lottery products and strive for e-commerce excellence in everything we do.

We delight our customers with products that are useful, usable, desirable and differentiated. Michael, VP Product & UX

The right products AT THE RIGHT TIME

Our team’s objective is to provide our customers with the right products and features at the right time, significantly growing our customer base and revenues by doing so. How do we do that? We create ideas for new Lottery/Gambling products and build them in the best possible, customer-centric way. We build, manage and optimise our e-commerce shop to deliver an awesome playing experience for our customers. As product experts, we liaise a lot with other departments (e.g. Engineering, Marketing and Data Science), collaborating closely with them to ensure we meet all customer expectations and business requirements. It’s that simple. Our Product Management and User Experience department of over 20 people is structured in four teams:

  • Product Management: Connecting the dots; identifying market opportunities, defining requirements and priorities and making sure our products and platforms succeed in the market (“Build. Measure. Learn.”).
  • Product Processing: Ensuring all lottery-product related back office processes (quota communication, winning communication, etc.) run smoothly and meet the highest possible industry standards.
  • User Experience- / User Interface Design: Stepping into the customers’ shoes; understanding the customers’ needs and designing the best possible product experience.
  • User Research: Digging deep; identifying what our customers want and how they perceive our products and features. We are leveraging both qualitative and quantitative research methods to deliver actionable insight.

Making mistakes HELPS US SUCCEED!

We approach our work based on five fundamental aspects:

  1. Proactive, regular communication is key.
  2. Making mistakes helps us succeed.
  3. Speed is crucial to our business and must be a habit.
  4. Autonomy is achieved through alignment.
  5. Writing clarifies your thinking – do it.

What most people don’t know: The lottery business is a highly dynamic playground – not only in Germany but also worldwide. It is moving at enormous speed into the digital landscape, and this brings very interesting product and UX challenges that need to be solved.

Diversity IS KEY

At ZEAL, we aim to build a game-changing product management and user experience department that is able to drive this change and be at the forefront of this industry. Besides that, our „customer-centric tech company“ is growing, and we want smart, driven and highly communicative people to join our family and help us to stay #1 in Germany. We are a hidden champion in e-commerce (500 Mio+ Billings annually) and #1 online lottery broker in Germany. We will contribute up to 1 billion Euros to social causes over the next five years, and you can be part of this journey. We invest significantly in our people to help them grow as a professional: Yes, this can be you! If you are up for the challenge to translate an old-school industry (Lottery) into a dynamic, digital world, we would be very happy to hear from you. We are a very diverse group of people with varied professional backgrounds in gaming, e-commerce, banking and social networking. We see this diversity as a clear advantage and strive to grow as a team by respecting each individual’s strengths, rather than trying to fit people into standardised role descriptions. Come as you are!