Our aim is to make customers happy via the channels of their choice. Could there be a better way to achieve this than with a dedicated team enjoying what they do? We believe in having fun at work, we love technology, we love stats – and most of all, we love finding new ways to innovate.

Our aim is to be a leader in what we do, that’s why we believe empowerment delivers extraordinary service. Victor, Director Customer Operations


Meet our Customer Operations teams.

We protect THE DATA

As team Payment, Fraud & Verification our mission is to provide excellent customer satisfaction and to protect customer data, hence the core of our work is to investigate and analyze cases. We regularly offer relevant insights into stats and facts for the business and deal with complex escalations. From time to time we also have direct customer contact, e.g. support over 2000 big winners a year – including our 1 to 2 millionaires -, and are in direct contact with them enabling dreams. We have a wide range of experience within our team, where everyone contributes and drives the same vision towards our expertise in payments, fraud and verification.

From Hamburg to London: WE ARE TUNED

As a team of 6, based in Hamburg and London, we have regular meetings to ensure alignment and discuss open topics. We value an open feedback culture and invite anyone joining us to share their feedback as well. As a department, we regularly review and optimize the way we operate. We are looking for fresh perspectives and people who enjoy challenging the status quo with a motivated, ambitious team driving topics & visions within the organization. Expect an innovative working environment, diverse in background and age. Join us if you love working on cool projects with expertise in different fields – your ideas are valued from day one, and we don’t miss any opportunity for a „good“ joke and a „kicker“ match 🙂

Any questions?! WE GOT YOU!

We are here to provide our customers with the best support possible – no query is too complicated, we will find an answer. Our customers have a choice of contact channels, i.e. call, email, chat and self-service. In total, we handle 25,000 contacts per month, aiming for a 90% + satisfaction rate. In a demanding environment, we work with a lot of flexibility and autonomy, and we are trusted to deliver.

No selfish mindset. WE ARE A TEAM

We‘re not title-driven but focused on providing as one team – succeeding and failing together. Currently, we operate on two support levels: the first line and the specialist second line support. Our first line support (12 agents) is handled through our outsourced agency, inhouse we have our specialist second line support gurus. A lot is also handled via self-service, so that we can truly focus on all those important contacts that need a personal touch. Our Customer Support team provides an opportunity to grow with almost no barriers. If something doesn’t work, you can simply change it – all your ideas are welcome. We are technology-driven with Zendesk as our new omnichannel tool. Join us having fun in a great team committed to make our customers happy and the future of their lotto experience even more amazing.