To enable and TO PROTECT

We help to build the future of the company by shaping the market environment, creating new business opportunities and protecting its ongoing businesses by ensuring overall compliance and lawfulness.

Our aim is to be ahead of the curve and drive this market. Sebastian – VP Public Policy & Market Development

Legal & Public Policy @ZEAL

At our Legal & Public Policy department, we do a whole lot of things – here’s our top five:

  1. We analyse and influence regulatory changes and market developments.
  2. We develop and execute strategies to shape public policies and licencing regimes.
  3. We give legal advice, define compliance policies, educate employees and give guidance to senior management.
  4. We seek new business opportunities in regulated markets and develop strategies to achieve growth targets.
  5. We meet external stakeholders as well as potential business partners and represent the company to the outside world.

At ZEAL Legal and Compliance is not just a corporate back-office service but an integrated part of the business to enable and protect sustainable growth. Carsten, VP Legal Affairs

Size matters? But not if you are A SPECIALIST!

We are a small team of senior specialists, and our expertise is legal, compliance, public policy and business development. Based in Hamburg and London, we work closely together and support each other where we can. Market environments are constantly changing: new regulations, public policies, legal requirements and demands on corporate governance – often subject to greater public debate. It is business-critical to understand dynamics, foresee changes and analyse potential risks and chances.

The impact of our work on the success of the company is substantial. The daily and strategic tasks are variable and intellectually exciting. We are a flat hierarchy department, with commercially thinking and solution-driven people. We have a strong track record of managing highly regulated businesses to commercial success. We are all self-motivated people who love to work against challenging targets and get things done. We do this in a calm way, without getting stressed or stressing other people. And we love a good laugh while doing it. 🙂