We care about the environment

Sustainability and climate protection affect us all, which is why we also want to play our part. When procuring office equipment and IT, for example, we make sure that as many products as possible are certified. Our IT ‘fleet’ is on average three years old, while almost all computers and monitors have high-efficiency Energy Star ratings. Retired hardware is only disposed of in exceptional cases. Instead, we support schools, for example, by donating equipment to improve their facilities and – in the interests of sustainability – to extend the life cycle of our hardware. We also considered ecological aspects in switching more and more to cloud-based services such as Amazon’s AWS: shifting from our previous data centre – which typically runs statically at full-load capacity and leads to energy inefficiencies due to our highly dynamic business volumes – to shared servers and autoscaling models. This is enabling us to increase the energy efficiency of our platforms while also making them cleaner through the use of over 50% renewable energy. Our largest non-cloud data centre in Frankfurt and our smaller centre in Hamburg also run on 100% green power.

In addition, we have a clear policy in our offices that computers and monitors are to be shut down when leaving the office.