We care about society

We attach great importance to corporate social responsibility and make a major contribution to society: ever since lotteries have been supervised by the state, money has flowed into numerous socially relevant projects. Around 40% of stakes received by the state lottery companies benefited society as a whole over the past few years in the form of taxes and duties, a further 50% is returned to players in the form of prizes and about 10% is spent on marketing and administration. According to DLTB figures, over €3.1 billion was transferred to the state budgets or beneficiaries in the form of taxes and duties in 2020 (2019: over €2.9 billion). This corresponds to over €8.6 million per day for good causes throughout Germany – money which is absolutely vital for the funding of numerous projects in the field of welfare, sport and culture, as well as landmark and environmental protection. In the case of charity lotteries, like ‘Deutsche Fernsehlotterie’ and ‘freiheit+’, at least 47% of stakes are made available for good causes in the form of taxes and duties.

In total, our brokerage activities under the LOTTO24 and Tipp24 brands provided €246 million of support for important social and community projects in fiscal year 2020 (2019: €94 million).