Responsible Gambling

We champion a responsible approach to lottery playing and are committed to creating exceptional products that have a positive impact on our customers.

While the number of people affected by gambling addiction is small, we take our commitment to responsible gambling seriously.

All of our businesses fully comply with the regulatory authorities’ legislation and licensing requirements. ZEAL affiliated company MyLotto24 also supports many leading organisations that help tackle gambling addictions. These include:

• GambleAware, a UK charity committed to minimising gambling-related harm. ZEAL donates ongoing funds that contribute towards education, prevention and treatment services.

• Gambling Therapy, a free online service that supports people affected by problem gambling who reside outside the UK. ZEAL donates funds that help provide confidential advice, information and support.

ZEAL’s business subsidiary Lottovate is silver member of The National Council for Problem Gambling, which advocates for problem gamblers and their families. Lottovate also supports the Centrum voor Verantwoord Spelen (Centre for Responsible Gaming) in the Netherlands.