At ZEAL we aspire to create a better world through great lottery experiences. A key part of this is our partnerships with charitable organisations and non-profit organisations. These include ONCE, Cruz Roja Española, and UNICEF Norway.

We have developed a range of solutions that enable these incredible organisations to raise more funds for their chosen cause. Many have also been able to benefit from our business knowledge and advice.

In addition, through our subsidiary Lotto Network and its products, we have enabled additional funding to community youth groups, sports charities, schools and animal shelters.

ONCE (The Spanish National Organization for the Blind) supports people who are blind, or have a visual impairment, to lead independent lives. Established in 1938, it is proud to have created a series of specialised services that have enabled thousands of people to achieve their potential. Their work includes creating jobs, offering scholarships, and building hospitals, schools, and specially equipped sports and recreational facilities.

To help increase its funding and innovate their digital channel, ONCE partnered with Ventura24, a ZEAL subsidiary. This has enabled ONCE to dramatically increase sales margins and charity’s ability to generate its key source of funding. Ventura24 manages ONCE’s digital sales channel, from product management, to player acquisition and retention.

“Lottery game products are ONCE’s economic driving force” ONCE

UNICEF helps children in need around the world. It operates in more than 190 countries and is recognised as the largest organisation of its kind.

UNICEF Norway partnered with Lottovate to create UNICEF Lotteriet, a high-frequency win online lottery game. A significant portion of UNICEF Lotteriet’s proceeds will be used by UNICEF Norway to raise funds for great global causes.

These include building health clinics and schools, providing access to clean water, delivering emergency aid, fighting HIV and AIDS, and tackling child abuse.

The collaboration is based on UNICEF’s outstanding reputation as a non-profit organisation and Lottovate’s extensive experience as provider of online lotteries.

Cruz Roja Española (The Red Cross, Spain) established ‘The Red Cross Gold Sweepsakes’ in 1980 to help raise funds for the charity’s humanitarian work, providing emergency assistance and disaster relief. In its 33-year history, the Sweepstakes have enabled many Spaniards to benefit from both its prizes and its charitable work.

In 2003, Cruz Roja Española and Gold Sweepstakes partnered with Ventura24, a ZEAL subsidiary, to manage their digital sales channel in Spain. As a part of this, Ventura24 also set up a ‘social lottery club’, Peña Super Oro, which enables players to form syndicates and increase their chance of winning – while simultaneously contributing towards a great cause.

LottoGiving offers a unique opportunity for smaller charities to raise funds by hosting their own branded lottery-betting product.

Hosted by ZEAL’s Lotto Network, the product is offered at zero cost to charitable organisations and community groups. It enables them to raise money for good causes, while offering life-changing prizes.