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Dynamic table creation and loading data from S3 to Redshift

Streaming services are the new norm for data ingestion and therefore we are using Apache Kafka to ingest data in a columnar parquet format in S3. The data is stored in S3, partitioned by year and month. On top we have Schema Crawler running on it and are generating a schema automatically, which is accessible […]

Amol Jog

Aug 22, 2022 . 3 min read

8 things I’ve learnt from my first year in mobile development

A little bit of background…  It’s a Friday afternoon. I’ve just made a cheeky cup of tea, and I’m in a good mood (my football team is yet to play) – it’s time to write.   I’ve not done this for a while, but a year into a new role is definitely a good time to reflect. This […]

Richard Chernanko

Nov 26, 2021 . 8 min read

Friendliness is a practice at LOTTO24 not just a concept

Looking back to a time when I was in school, doing projects with other kids was hard work. Discussing different ideas, dealing with the lazy kid, the perfectionist, the fun but distracting kid, etc., was at times exhausting. Some decades later, I finally understand those activities and the educational value they offered. I cannot imagine […]

Josue Zarzosa

Oct 01, 2021 . 2 min read

Design System high 4 – a new design system for LOTTO24

A good and functioning design system has many advantages for product development. On the one hand, the user can use the product better because the design is consistent and well thought out. On the other hand, product teams work more efficiently because there is a common basis and language. The establishment of a design system […]


Jun 25, 2021 . 6 min read

Down the rabbit hole

Through programming, one can gain a deeper comprehension of complex problems as well as the will, the patience and ingenuity to solve them. We need to think creatively and solution-oriented, and to question how and why things work. We have to: Understand the task Think of possible solution approaches Analyze which solution we want to […]

Emmanuel Lange

May 10, 2021 . 7 min read

Side effects of a privileged container

Our team started the Kubernetes journey a few years back and over the course of time, we have had some interesting debugging stories.

Qasim Sarfraz

Apr 26, 2021 . 6 min read

Monolith to microservices

Microservices promise superior scalability, development speed improvements, fault tolerance and reliability. Migrating from a traditional application landscape to microservices is a hard task though.

Martin Klöppner

Mar 30, 2021 . 13 min read