Hey there, GAME CHANGER!

Everyone’s talking about dream jobs. What if we flip the term and look at it from a different perspective: at ZEAL, your job is to enable people to dream. We live by our values “act like an owner”, “play as a team”, and “be a game changer”. We challenge the ordinary to achieve extraordinary results, because we believe that fortune favours the bold. Are your dreams bold enough to reinvent the online lottery with us?

From day one you will notice the difference: IMPACT

At ZEAL, you can have a massive impact on our company and on the industry that we aspire to disrupt through innovative products and a state-of-the-art web shop. On top of that with our charity and social lottery projects, our work has a direct impact on society. With our business model we finance numerous projects in the field of welfare, sport and culture, as well as landmark and environmental protection. In 2020 for instance, we raised €246m with our business for good causes, which translates to over one million € per employee, that makes everyone a “Charity-Millionaire”.

Our business is the adventure, OUR PRODUCT THE EXPERIENCE

Many companies offer nice benefits for adventurous activities in your free time. At ZEAL, our business is an adventure. We have been creating exciting and entertaining lottery experiences for over 20 years. With our state of the art e-commerce business, we are Germany’s largest provider of online lotteries through our brands LOTTO24 and Tipp24. In Spain we work with the second largest national lottery, ONCE. Through ZEAL Ventures, we are also involved in exciting e-commerce start-ups such as Omaze and DAYMADE.

The high loyalty of our customers is our greatest value. Consequently, we want to offer our customers the best possible service. Always. Helmut, CEO

How our employees benefit FROM OUR SUCCESS

Our business is huge and we are an international, listed group of companies, but with about 180 employees we also like to be small by design. We have and believe in few but excellent people.

At ZEAL we are living a culture of outcome, innovation and trust, while also believing in open and transparent communication. We reward this attitude by living a hybrid work model. This includes unlimited vacation days, working up to four weeks per year where you want, and a whole range of perks – from fully flexible working hours and remote work options to financial and recreational benefits – but most importantly: A great bunch of people you get to work with every day! Could you ask for more?!